First place!

Our Steamer shares first place with 94 points (out of 100) in a blind test of 87 tried beers. Many thanks Livets Goda for the lovely review! Quote (in Swedish): “Elegant öl som gör chefredaktören glad in i själen.”

Want to learn how to brew beer?

Do you want to learn to brew beer at home? Or are you generally curious about how it works? Good! We’re holding an all-grain beer brewing course, in collaboration with ABF Västernorrland.  The course is aimed at both beginners and those…

Dykes Brewery featured in Höga Kusten Guiden!

Many thanks Höga Kusten Guiden for the nice feature! Download and read the full magazine here.

Dykes Brewery @ Vemdalen Beer Market

On January 19th, we’ll be attending the premiere of the Vemdalen Beer Market at Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell. An event where you have the opportunity to learn more about the noble brewing art, talk to the brewers and of course taste a…

Dykes Brewery @ Systembolaget!

Monday, April 4th, it is time for our India Pale Ale to make its debut on Systembolaget’s shelves.   It will be in stores in Sundsvall City and Birsta.