India Pale Ale


Modern tradition. That is how we, as father and son, like to think of our brewery and beer,  balancing our contrasts and compliments.  Our beer is crafted with England’s finest hops and malted barley and brewed using one of  Europe’s best waters.

We want to continue the long tradition of  Ales that improve and mature with age.  This IPA is refreshing with a large, complex,  and generous hoppy taste. You will find a balanced floral, earthy, and fruity aroma.

For the ultimate taste experience try this IPA with Thai food, smoked salmon,  or Indian curry.

Type: Standard English India Pale Ale, Class 14A
Yeast: Thames Valley, England
Grain: Maris Otter Pale Ale, Dark Crystal, Biscuit malt
Hops: Fuggles, Centennial, Cascade, Goldings East Kent, Citra, Amarillo
ABV: 5,8%
IBU: 48
EBC: 21